Thursday, February 25, 2016

Where have I been?

I know. I know. 
I've been shirking my blogging duties lately.
It's been super busy at the shop. 
If you haven't heard, Rae Lynne had knee surgery, & Richard had back surgery. 
So they were busy recuperating. 
(By the way, they are both much better & Rae Lynne is coming back to work Tuesday.)
We've added some new Mermaids to help out in the meantime.
You might see Melanie & Sheri around the shop, & Ginger is helping out on weekends & after school. Sheri has taught many classes at the Mermaid over the years, so she's a familiar face. 
I've known Melanie for many-many-many moons. She was in our wedding, so it's very nice to have her around more often. 
Ginger is our Splash My Stocking Mermaid (& Jen's daughter.) 
If we can catch her between Barn Theater & Harmony Magnet Academy productions, she's helping out at the shop.
It takes a village. 
Our quilty friends are the best!
I LOVE all our quilty friends!
We've really enjoyed getting to know all our quilty friends during the past 5 years.
Can you believe the Mermaid has really been open 5 years?
It's amazing to me that I knew just a few of our quilty friends before we opened, & now you've all practically become part of our family.
We recently had a vendor booth at the Cotton Patch Quilters' Show in Bakersfield, & since Richard & Rae Lynne weren't able to work, some great friends stepped up to help out.
My nephew, George, loaded the truck for us.
Rich & Lynette Stover helped me load the trailer, set up the booth, & unload when we came back to town Sunday.
Lisa & Don Claus helped me break down the booth after the show & load the trailer to come home.
It's great to have such wonderful friends.
We really appreciate you all very much.