Sunday, August 25, 2013

Radiant Suns Class

We're so pleased to have Cara Gulati from Doodle Press Quilt designs join us next month for a class on her Radiant Suns pattern.

 She'll be here Friday, September 27 for a full day of instruction. Her work is absolutely stunning.

We have her Radiant Suns Tool/Pattern available in the shop, along with her gorgeous quilt. You should stop in to see it, even if you can't take her class.
Her work is so inspiring.
There are just a couple of spaces left in the class, so hurry in if you're interested.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer's End

Well, tomorrow's the day I officially go back to school to prepare for the new school year. Vacation is over for me.

This summer has been a wonderful adventure filled with family, friends - old & new - as well as some serious relaxing.

I spent most of July at the shop, even though it didn't seem so much like work. We changed it up, had some terrific (delicious) parties, & made some great plans for the upcoming months. 

Richard & I completed our shop projects (including rearranging the office so we can share the space & both work side by side.) We finished some family quilts to commemorate important events. We even cleaned out a closet or two, & still were able to spend some late afternoons floating in the pool.

Maybe your summer isn't ending just yet - heaven knows our warm weather will hang around for another two months - but I hope you're enjoying time with those who are important to you. I hope you're working on your favorite projects & making time to be creative.