Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Row X Row Experience begins June 21!

It's almost time!
Join us & 2499 other quilt shops in the US & Canada!
Come to each participating shop between June 21 & September 8 to receive a free pattern for a 9" X 36" row.
Put 8 or more rows together into a completed quilt to win a prize!
 Check each state's Facebook page to see the rows.

Here is our 2015 row kit-
It was just too hard to choose a tail - so we have 4 choices for you!

And of course, we have Quilty Mermaid Fabric Plates for you:

 This is my bag with our 2014 plate.

Remember, the only way to get your free Quilty Mermaid pattern or kit is to come to Calico Mermaid!
So, hop in the a/c car, hit the road & come see us!

Monday, June 8, 2015

School's Out Forever!

School's Out Forever-
for me, anyway!
You may not have heard the exciting news - despite the hooting, hollering, & celebrating ...
I've retired from teaching!
After 37 years of teaching elementary school, I'm finished.
I've been at my rural K-8 school for 34 years as a teacher & administrator, plus a year during my college days as an instructional aide. 
I've taught many kids & their kids, & some of MY former students are thinking of retirement, so it's time for me to start some serious relaxing.
Today is my first real day of summer - forever!
We're pretty excited about this new venture, but obviously I'm not fond of change, 
so we'll see how it goes. 
I've been on an August/June frenzied cycle every year since I was 5 - so this is a BIG change for me.
I'll have more time in the shop, so watch for more fun at Calico Mermaid.
We'll have more time to sew, travel & play with our grandbaby, so be prepared for vacation pics.
Come on in to visit & see what's new at the Mermaid. I'd love to see you!