Monday, June 8, 2015

School's Out Forever!

School's Out Forever-
for me, anyway!
You may not have heard the exciting news - despite the hooting, hollering, & celebrating ...
I've retired from teaching!
After 37 years of teaching elementary school, I'm finished.
I've been at my rural K-8 school for 34 years as a teacher & administrator, plus a year during my college days as an instructional aide. 
I've taught many kids & their kids, & some of MY former students are thinking of retirement, so it's time for me to start some serious relaxing.
Today is my first real day of summer - forever!
We're pretty excited about this new venture, but obviously I'm not fond of change, 
so we'll see how it goes. 
I've been on an August/June frenzied cycle every year since I was 5 - so this is a BIG change for me.
I'll have more time in the shop, so watch for more fun at Calico Mermaid.
We'll have more time to sew, travel & play with our grandbaby, so be prepared for vacation pics.
Come on in to visit & see what's new at the Mermaid. I'd love to see you!

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