Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer's End

Well, tomorrow's the day I officially go back to school to prepare for the new school year. Vacation is over for me.

This summer has been a wonderful adventure filled with family, friends - old & new - as well as some serious relaxing.

I spent most of July at the shop, even though it didn't seem so much like work. We changed it up, had some terrific (delicious) parties, & made some great plans for the upcoming months. 

Richard & I completed our shop projects (including rearranging the office so we can share the space & both work side by side.) We finished some family quilts to commemorate important events. We even cleaned out a closet or two, & still were able to spend some late afternoons floating in the pool.

Maybe your summer isn't ending just yet - heaven knows our warm weather will hang around for another two months - but I hope you're enjoying time with those who are important to you. I hope you're working on your favorite projects & making time to be creative. 


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