Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cool New Tools

We have some great new tools to make your quilting & crafting easier!

Pinmoors are perfect if you usually pin baste, but safety pins are hard on your fingers. Use them with your favorite straight pin & see how quickly & pain-free that chore can be! Use them to top off your needles in the pincushion so you can locate them among the pins.

Cling Onz are wearable magnetic holders that come in lots of colors & attach easily to your clothing to keep pins, scissors & small tools handy.
Great for any crafter, teacher, or your favorite fix-it man! They are surprisingly strong, yet light weight. Use them to hold nails, screws, thumbtacks, paper clips, needles, or seam ripper close by. How many times have you spent a lot of valuable time backtracking to see where you last placed a small item like that?

These tools & many others are available now on our shop website:


  1. could you send more information on the cling onz? I am unable to locate on your website. Thanks so much!

  2. My Techno Wizard has been busy updating the website, so they will be there shortly! Thanks for looking - you'll love them. They really are neat.
    Check back in a couple of days.

  3. Cheran-
    They're available on our website now: