Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's black & white & red all over?

There seems to be a lot of black & white & red all over my shop. How did that happen? Did I do that?
It's flying out the door faster than I can put it away!

We had a lovely day today at the shop. Lots of new customers came in & some old friends stopped by to say hello. We had shoppers who drove up to see the shop after visiting our booth last weekend at the Cotton Patch Quilters' Show in Bakersfield. Everyone seemed to find something that satisfied their sweet tooth - or maybe "color" tooth...or even "creative" tooth...or is that too weird?
It's so nice to spend the day downtown in such a beautiful space. I really enjoyed myself. You just never know when a new friend will walk through the doors. Everyone who came in today had a different project, a challenge & a story to tell.
Richard showed off his new quilting patterns on the Avante, & made some appointments for Avante rentals. I put out some new yarn cards for embellishing, & set up for tomorrow's Super Bowl Party.
All in all, a very successful, fun day at the Mermaid.
I'll just put my feet up for a little while & it will all be good.

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