Friday, August 10, 2012


We've thoroughly enjoyed our summer in the shop, but it's coming to an end. It was great to stay up late, then go open the shop at an hour much later than our usual school day. It was wonderful to spend more time with our customers - I even got to teach a few classes!

You may already know we spent some time away in Maui, visiting with family & friends. It was an especially sweet time, knowing our Mermaid Crew was handling everything just fine without us. No worries.
Here are a few highlights of our trip-
This is the beautiful view from our lanai. We went snorkeling out there, just beyond the boat.

I love all the flowers & plants growing everywhere. 

My favorite island breakfast: coconut muffins from the local market.

My favorite day in Maui is a day underwater. Here we are scuba diving with the world's most patient turtle. (I'm the one with the blue fins.) She waited until we were happily posed before she'd had enough of us & swam away.

 Here's a BIG lobster rooming with a very small shark under a ledge.

 OK. Don't make fun, but this is me scuba diving on a scooter! It was such fun!

 This lovely octopus came out as we swam away, then hid every time he thought we were looking.

 Here's another turtle, just chilling on the sandy ocean floor.

Our weather was beautiful, but a little stormy-looking one evening on the beach at a Pau Hana with new friends & friends we don't get to see often enough.
(This is what we look like on dry land.)

 This could be a mountain lake, but it's the Pacific from the slope of Haleakala.

 Our last morning was complete at Hard Rock Cafe with Willie K & lunch.
I feel much better, having my dose of salt water. We'll be back...

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