Sunday, September 30, 2012

My customers & employees are the best!

Even though I've been swamped at school, trying to keep everything going as best I can, some things have to just slide for a little bit - like this blog. Sorry about that. 
But I'm caught up for now & our quilty friends have been busy creating & playing - just look!

I love when our friends bring their work & say, "Look what I made!" It makes me so proud to know they found exactly what they needed at my shop. Everyone of these projects used my shop fabric,  patterns, & books. They're all so talented!

 Cathy's Carpenter Star from Sheri's class

 Rae Lynne's butterfly

Check out the details!
 Trish's Christmas Heart Lights Tree from Margaret's class.

 Jenny & Cathy enjoyed the Bring Your Own Bag class - everyone chooses a different purse pattern.

 This is Jenny's fall runner.
 Jaime has been busy - check out his Jinny Beyer vest!
 Dion is going to teach this no-sew crocheted rag rug in October.

 Margaret made these adorable YoYo Trees. She'll be teaching the class in October, too.

Laura made this adorable quilt for a little someone special - it's all shirts & pockets from her little clothes! How clever is that?! It's pretty much a T Shirt quilt made from a little person's clothes. Great idea!

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