Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinterest Fun

Is anyone else out there obsessing over Pinterest?!
Oh my goodness. Talk about addicting. I thought I'd be over it by now...but no.
I can hardly stay off!
If you haven't seen my Calico Mermaid Pinterest page, check it out. I don't have time to write tutorials & I'm not original enough to write my own patterns, but I seem to have PLENTY of time to mess around & pin stuff almost daily. hmmmm....
I love free tutorials & patterns for quilts & sewing crafts, so I pin a lot of those.
I also have a lot of recipes pinned that I'd like to try, & some that I've made for shop events. Instead of printing out recipes after a Friday Night Fever or Mini Retreat, I just pin them & my quilty friends can find them easily.
So ... go to Pinterest if you dare!

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