Saturday, February 15, 2014

RJR Fabrics Tour


Richard & I had an opportunity to tour the RJR facility in Torrance. What a thrill! 
Floor to ceiling bolts & rolls of luscious color! You may have noticed - I'm kind of into that. ;)


Just as Lili started our tour, 
the President & Vice President of the company, Rick Cohan & John Durnell, 
walked around the warehouse with a rosebud & balloon for each employee for Valentine's Day! That's something you don't see very often.   

Then we started looking around at the eye-popping beauty!

 The batiks arrive from Indonesia on rolls, & must be double rolled on bolts at the plant.

Here's a pallet of new naked bolts, ready for action.

This is how they cut perfect fat quarters!


It's a beautiful place. How nice to see Jinny Beyer's quilt every day when you walk in to work!

Thanks, Lili, for a nice morning. It was great meeting you, your bosses (who said she actually runs the place ;) & learning about your RJR operation.

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