Sunday, September 6, 2015

Row by Row Summer Fun!

So our summer has been a whirlwind, but the Row by Row Experience is winding down.
Our Quilty Mermaid kits are almost gone & September 8 will be the last day for 2015. 
It has kept us hopping all summer!

Guess which Quilty Mermaid kit sold out first!
(answer below)
Were you wondering about the different tail fabrics? I couldn't decide which fabric to use, & since each of our Mermaid employees had a favorite, we made up 4 different kits. 
One of our quilty friends, Becki, helped with the makeup.

(We could have made up 2 dozen different tails, but we had to draw the line somewhere. 
I'm kinds like that about everything. 
I have to read every greeting card in the rack before I decide & I do love a combination plate. 
Maybe that's why we have such a wide selection of fabrics in the shop.) 

The Quilty Mermaids were far more popular than we expected, so we had to 
substitute background fabrics last month.

 Here is Virginia, who was the first to bring her completed 
Row by Row quilt in to Calico Mermaid.

 She received a fat quarter stack of luscious water themed fabrics, & then an additional stack for including our Quilty Mermaid in her quilt.
 Her rows are all from California & New York state.

 We still have some 2015 license plates left. 
We've mailed them all over the U.S.A. this summer!

This is my project using license plates from other shops.
(I have a couple of these hangers left if you need one.)

My cousin walked into a quilt shop in Colorado & 
unexpectedly saw my Happy Quilter license plate from 2014 on their wall!

The best part of Row X Row?
Making lots of new quilty friends from all over. Some folks were traveling on vacation & stopped by to pick up a Quilty Mermaid kit. Others made a specific trip to our shop just for our row. 
We met couples, families, & carloads of friends.
Some had driven a few hours, but some others had been on the road for a week!
(You could always tell because they were the giggly ones.)
I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them & sharing ideas this summer.
That's the very best part!

Now...we're just wondering what the theme will be for 2016...
2014 Seasons
2015 Water
What do you think? What would YOU choose for the theme?

(The first Quilty Mermaid kit to sell out was the stained glass tail.)


  1. I'm in Australia and am green with envy each year when the US Row by Row kits, especially the license plates are run by the quilt stores. A lovely quilting friend from Texas has sent me some license plates and I can't wait to turn them into a quilt. I love your project using the license plates and the hanger fits it perfectly. Can't wait to see what the 2016 theme is.

  2. I'm glad you like my license project. It was fun & quick to make. Someday when you come to the US for Row X Row, be sure to come see us!