Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Splash My Stocking Party begins next week!

From December 1st to the 12th Calico Mermaid will offer a special stocking stuffer at a very special price every day for 12 days! You may need gifts for your quilty mermaid friends, or maybe you should send in your Santa to make sure YOUR stocking is stuffed with just exactly what you need!

Every morning at 9 a.m. the Mermaid will splash her tail and into your stocking can go another special Christmas surprise.  You can see this special Stocking Stuffer if you are signed up to receive our email notifications, or if you follow our Facebook page, or blog.

Our exclusive price for each Stocking Stuffer will only be good for 24 hours.
Just call the Mermaid at (559) 793-2510, or email us at mermaids@calicomermaid.com to tell us how many to splash into your stocking today.
We will need your phone number so we can call you on December 15th for your payment information. That’s when you will pay & complete your order.

You are welcome to pick up your stocking stuffers on Dec. 16th, (or send your Santa in) – OR we can ship on that day. Shipping charges will be no more than $8 per item – usually less.

You're going to LOVE this year's surprises!

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