Monday, December 7, 2015

Splash My Stocking Day 7

Day 7    
Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley
This 4" size Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley with chain protector connector is sharp to the very tip, the serrated blade keeps fabric from fraying, & is great for detail cutting.
These blades are sharp to the very tip with a cushioned handle, easy for right or left-hander.
20% off price is $24.80.
Just call the Mermaid at (559) 793-2510, or email us at & tell us how many Perfect Scissors with protector connector you'd like splashed into your stocking today.
Our exclusive price for each Stocking Stuffer
will only be good for 24 hours.

We will need your phone number so we can call you on 
December 15th for your payment information.  
That's when you will pay & complete your order.
You are welcome to pick up your stocking stuffers on Dec. 16th, (or send your Santa in) -
OR we can ship on that day.
Shipping charges will be
no more than $8 per item - usually less.

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