Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost ready!

We've been home less than a week from the Sisters Quilt Show, and the website is almost ready for sales. We're really enjoying working together on the process of setting up the online shop. Keep watching the website to see when we're up for sales.
We're both teachers, so this is our big summer vacation blitz to get everything ready.
In California, schools begin in mid August, so we just have a few fleeting weeks before summer is over. And of course, we just HAVE to fit in a little family fun travel time!
Richard is my techno-wizard, working tirelessly at tweaking the site. I'm his helper, but I've been sneaking off when he's not looking to work on the life size mermaid. Her tail is almost finished, and her hair and face are almost ready. I'm excited to show her off as soon as she's presentable. All this silly computer time is cutting into my mermaid construction!
Happy quilting!

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