Monday, July 26, 2010

Mermaid Visions - With a Little Help from my Friends

You may be wondering about the Mermaid logo we're using.
My friend Lisa is an amazing artist, so when we first started dreaming of the Mermaid, she was the one I immediately thought of for artistic assistance. She and I have always been on the same wavelength, and she has always been there to ride the waves of my wild ideas with me, no matter how crazy. I knew she'd understand what I wanted, and this time was no different. She drew several mermaids and helped me understand the mechanics of how exactly to make everyone else see her the way she is in my imagination. We brainstormed and drew together, revising each others' work until the Mermaid was ready. And actually, her tail was perfected on a plane coming home from Cancun! So with Richard's computer expertise and a boatload of patience, the Mermaid has become almost real - and now you all can see her as I do.
It took a village to build this mermaid!

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