Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 is here & the holidays are now over

Some people are quick to take down their Christmas decorations, but I can't find it in my heart to let go just yet. I know, it's silly to procrastinate. I just can't help it. We had such a wonderful time with family & friends this holiday season, I'm still enjoying the lingering delight.
So instead of doing what I probably should have done around the house, I spent my spare time last weekend purging Christmas from the shop & reorganizing the stock room. It never seems like there's enough time to spiff up the unseen spaces.
Then we changed up the shop to make space for new fabric scheduled for delivery every week this month. We brought in some new shelves but they were filled up immediately.

Since school started back up this week, my Christmas vacation is really & truly over.

Did I clean up Christmas from my home? No.
Did I organize my closets as I'd planned? Well, no.
Did I research some new art projects for my class? Ummm...no.
Did I do much sewing? Nope.
But I had a great time at home with family & at the shop with friends.
And, after all, I can clean up the Christmas stuff here at home next weekend.

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