Sunday, January 15, 2012

MLK Weekend Thoughts

Last week in my classroom we spent some time discussing how Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted the world to be a better place, so he took the risk & did what he thought was right. He wasn't always popular, but that didn't stop him from doing what he knew in his heart was important.
Usually this weekend is a time for regrouping, planning, & creating at our house. The Christmas festivities leave us craving a little quiet time. There's always some left over holiday debris to deal with - whether extra laundry, decorations or a tree that still needs to be disposed of. School has been back in session long enough for us to appreciate 3 lazy quiet mornings & time to do what's important.
Many years ago I started my first real quilt on this weekend in January, after buying all my fabric on sale after Christmas.
Another year, on this weekend my sister in law brought her sewing machine & some gorgeous fabric she'd bought in Maui. We planned & created a whole bedroom set that weekend, complete with duvet cover, dust ruffle, pillowcases, & extra throw pillows. It's beautiful & I get to sleep under it when I visit her.
Today I actually FINALLY found time to sew a little. It felt so good! My confidence was a little weak, but I knew I needed to try. Since the shop opened I've developed some lousy habits. Like spending all my time making sure everyone else has all they need to create, & not making time for me to be creative.
This is the Sonora collection from Benartex. I have to tell you-as much as I love bright colors, this collection is pretty cool. Serendipity is a free quick pattern from Benartex. Even with all these dorky little pieces, it's going together quickly. I think I might just put some kits together.

I feel like I had a breakthrough today. It was important for me to step out of this boring little box I've made for myself & break through some bad habits. Now to convince Richard to quilt the piece for me this week quick before someone comes in to rent the Handi Quilter!


  1. I love it! Would you please make a kit for me?

  2. Sure thing! It was quick & easy.
    Watch the website - I'll have it ready by Friday at the latest.
    Glad you like it-

  3. Glad to hear you spent time with your sewing machine. When I was there Christmas, it told me it was feeling pretty lonely ;>)