Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling wimpy

As our one year anniversary sneaks up, I'm feeling a little wimpy ... it's been quite a wild ride, with an unbelievable learning curve. I mist up every time I think about how far we've come - that's just me.
But last year at this time, we had over 1000 bolts of fabric packed into our house in boxes. Almost every room was full of merchandise & supplies for the shop. The shelving was all in the garage, the boxes of books & patterns were in the spare bath, the batting in the spare bedroom. The mermaid was finished & presiding over the front living room. No one dared come to visit! There was no place to sleep except our bed, & no place to sit...just a path through the house.
My Spring Break last year was spent stickering stock & trying to get it all organized.

So many of our Mermaid Teachers were just acquaintances a year ago - some I hadn't even met yet. Their encouragement & talent just overwhelm me on a regular basis.
Our Mermaid Crew were just nervous visionaries - willing to take a job with inexperienced employers, at a shop with an uncertain future, & very little direction. We all just muddled through nicely, thank you very much. I so appreciate our girls taking a chance on us & helping us through all the rough spots. It was a learning experience for us all. Dion frequently calmed me by saying, "It's okay. We got this." Then they'd all just jump in & get everything done. They're amazing.
So that explains the misty eyes around here. I'm so grateful for all our new quilty friends. Everyone has been so supportive & helpful. I love having a place to come after school where everyone is busy, creative, & ready for a challenge.
It's better than I could have imagined a year ago.
sniff ... there I go again!
And, by the for our First Birthday Sale coming up soon!

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  1. Congrats Georgia...wish I lived closer...I would be a true blue customer!