Saturday, March 17, 2012

Retreat fun

We're having a great time at the retreat. Here are a few photos of our fabric in action!
It's so cool to see where our materials go & how much fun they have after they leave the shop.
These Peonies are all gone now - they've magically become pillowcases!Here is Sheri with our tea cups. I can't believe how many projects she finished this weekend!
This T shirt quilt needed just the perfect piece to border each block...
Here is the Camelot collection... it's just about gone now, but didn't it turn out nicely?
One of the last Avignon Layer Cakes has become a Twister.
And look at this pretty block!
This has been a lot of fun. Many of these retreat participants have been in our shop, but some haven't, so we're making new friends. We're enjoying getting to know them all better. There's so much creativity & talent here this weekend!

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