Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teach a Girl to Make a Bag...

 Teach a girl to make a bag, then get out of the way! There will be embellishing & variations & ideas galore!

Bags are the big deal at Calico Mermaid this spring.

The Pockets a Plenty pattern, taught by Jenny has been our biggest seller, but Margaret's Mesh Bag Class is a close second.

 Jenny has inspired Lilli to make a bunch of variations on the Pockets a Plenty Bag.

 These are examples of the free tote pattern we gave away on our Cruise to Porterville weekend. We still have some pocket kits left. Just ask if you missed out or need more.

 Rae Lynne used her Double Diamond Ruler to change up one of her mesh bags.
 Cathy did a great job on her Ruffled Up Bag. It's so cute!

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