Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My mom taught me so much.

She told me I could do anything if I tried
If it wasn't fun, she made it fun.
She made everything beautiful & found the best in everything & everybody.

She wasn't afraid to work hard & make things happen.

Often when I'm selecting fabric in the shop, I notice a piece she would love & think what she'd do with it. Or how she'd laugh at some. When new tools arrive, I think of how she'd improvise & achieve the same effect without buying the tool at all. Many times I wish I could show her a book or pattern.

I think of her everyday & remember her love.
I'm very lucky to have had such a wonderful mom.


  1. Thanks for saying this so beautifully - I miss my mom too!

  2. Have a great day & remember how lucky you are to have had her.